Providing specialist railway maintenance services

Spicer Rail has been formed to provide specialist railway maintenance services intended for Tas Rail or its contractors as a subcontractor.

Spicer Rail will offer the following specialist services:

  • Aluminothermic welding
  • Excavator services
  • Track protection services and
  • Workload maintenance and planning

Spicer Rail Solutions is a subsidiary of Sonic Civil Investments, another innovative partner in civil construction and operational excellence in Tasmania.

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Business History

Spicer Rail Solutions is a new rail infrastructure company that joined forces with Shaw Contracting in early 2022. Shaw partnered with a talented group of rail experts already delivering major projects for rail infrastructure. It was decided that with their combined capability in the railway construction industry to form Spicer Rail Solutions.

With over 25 years of experience and current industry knowledge, Spicer Rail Solutions has its sights set on delivering safer solutions with best-practice end-to-end innovation and expertise.


Professional Profile

Ryan brings with him over 13 years’ experience delivering rail works in Tasmania and Queensland. He holds qualifications for Track Handback Certification being a Track Protection Officer along with over 10,000 hours operating Hi-Rail excavators. With these qualifications and experience, he operates as the rail supervisor.


Professional Profile

Hudson has over 6 years in the construction industry with a significant portion of this associated with rail works. His intelligence and drive have seen him achieve additional roles and certifications which he has deployed on a number of rail projects including Track Handback Certification, Track Protection and Welding.


Professional Profile

Tyson is a founding member of Spicer Rail with over 5 years in the construction industry and completing rail projects. He is a dedicated worker with a strong work ethic which lead him to starting Spicer Rail. He has significant qualifications for rail work including performing rail welding work over and above other licences for plant and truck operations.

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